Moorlands Islamic Centre is part of a wider Muslim community who are spread across different areas of Lancaster. Over the years the number of Muslims living in the Moorlands area of Lancaster has increased, as such we felt it a viable option to establish another place of worship, walking distance from the residents in the area.

By the Grace of God, in June 2018 we acquired The Moorlands Evangelical Church and repurposed it into an Islamic Centre. The centre is in use for 5 times Daily Prayers and also other outreach and community activities.

The existing centre is not fit for purpose for the worshippers it serves. After a Community meeting, it was decided unanimously, that the building required building work and renovation to make sure that it would serve a growing community of Muslims from all over the world, for now and in the future.

The needs of worshipers has been at the forefront while deciding on the layout.

After numerous gatherings with the community they have decided on the plans below.

You can see our application to Lancaster City Council Planning Office HERE. You are also able to comment on the application too!

We are in real need of your help to raise the estimated £64,000 in order to do the work.

If you would like to discuss, have any queries or even want to have a look at the existing facilities please send us an email through the Contact Page and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

With Allah’s blessing, the dua and generosity of the ummah we hope to provide a facility that is fit for purpose.

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Proposed Plans
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