Update as of  1st July 2019

A very busy weekend for us, the first time in an entire year where the main prayer hall was out of bounds for a day. The underfloor heating has now been install and screed on top to seal.

Update as of Eid ul Fitra 4th June 2019 – the day of our first Eid Prayer at Moorlands Islamic Centre.

Lots of progress has been made thanks to kind donations from people around the world and your duas, Alhamdullilah!

The largest part of the extension has now been built removing the original entrance to the building, this new extension contains the wudhu area, toilets and place for shoes on entry.

Here we have the new front entrance to the building, a contemporary composite front door with iron railings on steps. Notice the crescent moon design..

Here we have the wudhu area with 4 spaces, you can see it’s a work in progress as of writing this. (4th June 2019).

A lovely new lantern window in ceiling of new entrance and wudhu area.

We have decided to go for under floor heating. This is a pic of the floor where pipe work will eventually run with hot water before it’s sealed and carpeted.

This is the beautiful mihrab where the imam leads prayers from, the detailing is a traditional Islamic geometric design. Panels and shelving on the walls either side will complete the qibla wall of the Prayer Hall.

The floating ceiling has now been ditched in favour of the beautiful previously hidden Apex which has been plastered – great acoustics! Notice the on the right this is where the fire escape and disable entrance will be. Those pink rolls on the left will make up the underfloor heating pipework.

This is just a quick update to keep you all in the loop, as you can see we still have a lot of work to do and your donation are still very welcome to finish of the final phases of this project.


Plans Plans Plans.. here are some pics of the building, before any majors works began. Planning permission Al hamdullillah, was granted in November 2018.

The main Prayer Hall with temp carpet..

Mid July Cleanup and Quick Paint..

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As of July 2018 – No renovations as of yet..

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