Moorlands Islamic Centre was established in 2018 by a group of Muslims residing in the Moorlands area of Lancaster. The Muslims of this area are  part of a wider Muslim community who are spread across different areas of Lancaster. The people of Moorlands have fallen under the banner of  Lancaster Islamic Society since 1972 when it was formed, most of the Muslims of Lancaster including those within the aforementioned Moorlands areas have attended Masjid Noor located on Fenton Street and before that Howarden Cottages, which are located at the end of Hinde Street in Lancaster.

Over the years our community has grown and the number of Muslims living in the Moorlands area of Lancaster has increased, as such we felt it a viable option to establish another place of worship, walking distance from the residents in the area. In June 2018 we acquired The Moorlands Evangelical Church and repurposed it into an Islamic Centre. The centre is in use for 5 times Daily Prayers and also other outreach and community activities. We hope to develop the building as an even more useful space for the Muslim community and people of the area in general.

We continue to maintain strong bonds with Masjid Noor (Lancaster’s Central Mosque). If you want to know more about the history of Lancaster Central Mosque and Lancaster Islamic Society feel free visit their website.